Staff Bio

Aziel Yohannes, PT, BSc.

Aziel Yohannes received his Bachelor of Science degree in the field of physiotherapy from University of Gonder in 2019. Aziel is sociable and likes to interact with his patients and colleagues. He has fluent English and Amharic language skills and possesses the ability to multitask and deliver care to assist his patients with their health challenges. Aziel is board licensed by the Federal Ministry of Health.


He has clinical experience in treating patients that suffer from joint and spine dysfunctions due to day to day or sport injuries. Aziel cares for different types of stable fractures and post operation patients with hip and knee replacement, ligament repairs and reconstructive joint surgeries. Aziel has been a part of Paragon’s clinical team since 2019.

Fun facts

Aziel enjoys playing basketball used to be the Captain of the University basketball team.